Brooke Babineau



(The samplings below are from selected properties both scripted and ready for development.  Outlines, treatments and screenplays are available upon request.)

Magick (PG-rated)  Psychedelic 70’s in San Francisco: A boy finds Merlin’s magic wand.  The proprietor of a magic shop (Merlin) has been waiting for its appearance, but so has Simon Magus, emissary of the Dark Lord! 
2nd Chances  Mortally wounded in a robbery gone-bad, a timid bank clerk has an out-of-body experience in the emergency operating room. He regrets his life and the poor choices that brought him to this end point in his pathetic life.  Upon awakening he discovers that he is six years old again, and with a 2nd Chance. But the new path has a price.
Ice Cold  Rescued from her brutish date, a cunning accounts associate beguiles the one-time author of a brief series of mystery books into helping her script "fictional" plots for the robbery she plans to commit.  He soon becomes a prime suspect in a string of burglaries on diamond brokerage house customers; the last one resulted in a murder.
.357  A stolen handgun links two strangers; a derelict ex-cop and a custom motorcycle builder, drawing them to an illegal arms shipment.  Each must face his own dark past in order to survive.   
Sins of the Mother  At her mother’s funeral Rose-Lynn, a talented entertainer beginning her career, meets the father she’d been told deserted her as a child.  Conflicted, she follows him when he leaves and learns the truth about herself.
 Inspired  The show runner for a popular crime series, is running out of ideas.  Hoping a change of perspective may spark the creative flow, he takes an office in a seedy part of town.  Witnessing a vicious mugging below his alley window, he uses it as the substance for a show.  It’s a hit!  But at what price?
Hurdy Gurdy Man  The sole survivor of a mortar attack, is mistakenly identified and surgically reconstructed to resemble another. Awakening in a military hospital, he is notified of the death of his alter ego’s only living relative, and willingly assumes the mantle of sole heir to a wealthy estate. Too soon he learns that the grass is not always greener.
Nutter  Andrew J. believes a secret organization is trying to kill him. Each day requires daring, cunning, stealth and agility just to survive.  Most of the residents in Nutter, GA try not to disillusion him.
Icons, But first. . .   Irreverence and a skewed, ever-changing reality, generate a series of linked sketches derived from contemporary television commercials.
Double Negative   With the increase and widespread incidents of violence and drug use, rap music and its entertainers are often perceived as two of the causes; this is not necessarily incorrect.
The Sweet Sweeps  The life of high school janitor, Marvin Sweet, is irrevocably changed when he wins a flood of Wheel of Fortune prizes. 
Who’s There?  Awakening from a dream, in which her husband fakes a burglary so he can kill her, she believes the dream may be a premonition.
The Carrion Birds  Set against the backdrop of the Susan Smith media circus in South Carolina, production crews flock to the event.  A freelance soundman discovers love, a terrible plot, and his conscience.
The Barnstormers  A visionary huckster forms two baseball teams from the remains of company leagues, devastated by the Depression, and takes them to Europe.
The Score  (Based on a true story)  The owner of a nightclub, frequented by wise guys, finds he has gotten in too deep.
Jazz Kats  (G-rated, animation musical adventure/comedy feature.)  A hot jazz group from the 1940s is reincarnated in a rural Louisiana community preparing to enter a float in the Mardi Gras parade.
Where Justice Prevails  Finding their home burgled and ransacked, the police are professionally sympathetic to a couple's plight but admit that there is very little that they can do.  The couple decide to take matters into their own hands.
Cruise  A cross-country trail of murders coincides with the lucid dreaming of a man undergoing therapy.
Roller  A hustler selling shares in fictitious movie ventures, is one step ahead of the law and vengeful marks.  He acquires a classic Rolls Royce, which lends him an aura of credibility; he soon discovers that he is not immune to its effect.

Reach Out   A telephone sales call results in a pleasant, though innocuous conversation. The telemarketer soon realizes that he has accidentally awakened his worst nightmare.

Easy Money  When his day job evaporates, an impressionable young man is lured into the world of rock bands, club dates and concerts. 

The Face   A news cameraman, scanning crowd shots after a freak accident at a baseball game, notices one fan looking away from the action.  When he sees him again, at the scene of another tragic incident, he knows something's wrong.

Fast Dancin' to the Blues   (Based on a true story) A young man’s peripheral, then increasing involvement with a blues band and the on-the-road music business lead to a life he's ill-prepared to handle.