Brooke Babineau



(Recipient 1993: Poetry - winner of Arcadia Poetry Award for Excellence.)




Better-burgers, don't-touch sex,

Success is yours with breakfast chex.

Loud-sung praise for a brand new car;

Be someone, eat this candy bar.

New-and-improved, more-for-less,

Sign your name, no credit checks.

Get-it, have-it, do-it-now,

No money down for this golden cow.

Jesus loves you, yes indeed,

Send in that pledge. It's all you'll need.

Shampoo, dye, or replace your hair,

Clean your toilet without a care.

Laugh and gloat at snappy patter,

Watch your body growing fatter.

Terrorists may live next door,

Film at ten and much, much more.

A fearful life lived on the edge,

End it from the nearest ledge.


                                    - BROOKE BABINEAU



     (a birthday gift for June, my partner in love and life)


Last night


Last night in my loverís arms

I began to feel again

Intimacy started as play, sprang to familiarity

In communication of minds and bodies

As we breathed deep each otherís secrets.

Last night in my loverís arms

Our sexual quenching and thirsting

Gave us a child with no name

Its growth a rush as we learned to trust

Old hurtsí powers blunted tame.

Last night in my loverís arms

The tidal sway of Lunaís charms

Opened wide the gates long shut so tight

Those many years of fear and shame

Fell wet upon my face as she shielded me

From the demon who stalks my night.

This morning in my loverís arms

I awakened first.

The weight was gone

As I gazed upon

Her sleep-filled face.

My heart so full it nearly burst

My soul now strong anew

Once more in its rightful place

My searching days are through.


                                                                                                        - Brooke Babineau