Brooke Babineau


Adventures in Season


  Joel and Lorelei are not-too-bright adventure-seekers who stage ridiculous pranks in public places, just to see how passersby will react. The victims of their shenanigans include a middle-aged German couple who believe that all Americans are either crazy or criminal; a drunken college student in search of a nearby bar; and a pair of neurotic lawyers who speak constantly to each other on their cell phones despite their walking just a few paces apart. And what do all of these eccentric characters have in common? They’re all irrational tourists typical of the visitors who torment the residents of a small Florida town each season.

A whimsical one-act comedy satire, debuted to two packed houses and received standing ovations at The Studios of Key West  - One-Night-Stand


Stage-ready copy available at: Superior Plays